Crestron C2NI-AMP-4X100

Crestron C2NI-AMP-4X100

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Crestron C2N-AMP-4X100

4 Room Audio System
Cost-effective audio distribution for 4 to 16 rooms. Affords a luxury Crestron solution at a budget price for small to moderate sized houses, condominiums, and businesses.

The Crestron® C2N-AMP-4X100 delivers cost-effective audio distribution for up 16 rooms — perfect for small to moderate sized houses, condominiums, and businesses. Each C2N-AMP-4X100 handles up to four rooms, and includes six stereo line inputs to accommodate all your radio and TV tuners, CD and media players, and multi-zone audio servers. With many of the same pro features as Crestron’s more expensive systems, the C2N-AMP-4X100 lets everyone enjoy their own choice of music, sports, news or talk in any room as part of a complete Crestron system.

Powerful Stuff
Each room output is capable of 50 Watts/Ch. @ 8? or 75 Watts/Ch. @ 4? — perfect for driving a house full of Crestron Excite™ loudspeakers. Outputs may also be bridged to deliver a robust 150 Watts/Ch. @ 8?. Each room has the ability to select any of the six input sources, with complete control over the room’s volume, bass, treble, balance, loudness, mute, and mono settings.

Mansion Expansion
A single C2N-AMP-4X100 provides a perfect solution for a typical apartment or small business — with room to grow. Expanding the system is easy — simply add up to three additional units to support a total of 16 rooms or zones.

Sources of Inspiration
To complement your multiroom audio system, Crestron offers a full line of source components with many advanced features. Options like our CEN-IDOCV or Crestron iServer® afford two easy and powerful ways to enjoy your iPod® throughout the house. Or, choose the incredible ADMS-G2 Intermedia Delivery System™ for a true powerhouse multimedia solution. Multizone radio can be added using the low-cost C2N-TAMFMXM AM/FM and XM® Tuner or the versatile CEN-TRACK TunerRack Modular Multi-Tuner, offering your choice of satellite, terrestrial, and Internet radio tuner options.[1]

Control Your Way
Crestron offers the widest selection of low-cost keypads, wireless remotes, and advanced touch screens for controlling your multiroom system. The TPMC-3SMD makes for a perfect complement to the C2N-AMP-4X100, providing a fun and intuitive touch screen controller for accessing all your multimedia sources as well as lighting, climate, and other functions. Crestron also offers the ability to control anything and everything from an iPhone®, iPad®, or Android™ mobile device.[1]

Great Integration
Cresnet® connectivity allows for easy integration with any Crestron system. Built-in Cresnet distribution provides a convenient termination point for keypads, RF gateways, and other devices. Four Cresnet ports are included on each C2N-AMP-4X100, with 5 Watts of Cresnet power available per port.


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