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Focal Spirit One Hi-Fi headphones

On-the-go, comfortable, hi-fi: Spirit One, audio headphones from Focal
With Spirit One, Focal makes its debut in the world of high-fidelity headphones. As the first model in a family that will surely grow, Spirit One headphones are comfortable, lightweight and modern, made for use on the move. But since they’re Focal headphones, they are above all hi-fi phones with a sleek design and proven sound performance.

Spirit One headphones: let the music play!
The Spirit One hi-fi headphones are in line with “The Spirit of Sound”, a Focal signature, but above all a commitment all our products comply with: the commitment to respect music, no matter what kind. Spirit One is no exception to the rule: far from the easy way out, consisting in “bass up front, with recessed mids” applied to some audio headphones, Spirit One meets the same requirements as the brand’s loudspeakers: tonal respect, pure undistorted sound, high-yield and maximum dynamics.

Focal know-how in audiophile headphones
Our first move dealt with the Spirit One concept: circumaural, closed-back headphones to insulate from outside noise. Next came the choice of Mylar/Titanium drivers to achieve pure, infrasonic sound and maximum dynamics combined with high yield. To do so, each earphone was composed of five cavities in tune with one another. They produce balanced, deep and natural bass, in keeping with the Focal-brand aesthetics for sound. Last but not least, the Spirit One headphones create an expansive frontal soundstage, which corresponds to the real-life listening experience of conventional speakers.

On-the-move headphones to take the Focal sound with you
Since music is listened to anytime, anywhere in this day and age, Spirit One headphones are the ultimate on-the-go headphones. In the street or at home, on the plane or in the wild, Spirit One lets you take the Focal sound with you. Its aluminum remote for iPhones, iPods and iPads means you can make calls and manage the essential play functions on Apple devices. Compatible with a wide range of smartphones, the mike embedded in the remote lets you use the Spirit One headphones as a phone. What’s more, loads of accessories are provided so you can keep on listening wherever you are: airline connector, soft travel bag, removable anti-tangle cord and jack adapter.

The pleasure of lightweight, comfy audio headphones
Spirit One ultra-light hi-fi headphones, featuring an aluminum frame and sleek ABS outer shells, weigh just 225 grams. This genuine featherweight headset is so comfortable to wear, you won’t get tired or weary due to its weight. Extra special attention was given to the ear-to-earphone contact, and especially to the ear-to-earpad contact to make it comfortable but also to create an ideal fit: a guarantee for sound sealing and optimal bass reproduction. High fidelity, mobile, comfortable and rugged, they’re Focal headphones.


Over ear
Met bediening
3,5 mm stereo jack
6,3 mm stereo jack
Akoestisch systeem
6 - 22.000 Hz
104 dB
Maximaal ingangsvermogen
500 mW
32 ohm
Meegeleverde accessoires
Fysieke eigenschappen
225 gram

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