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The significance of the power supply in high performance audio electronics has always been central to the Naim engineering philosophy. Our enduring SuperCap, HiCap and XPS designs, for instance, stand as examples of the power supply’s vital role, and Naim performance upgrades are in many cases enabled by the addition of an external power supply.

The development of the slimline ND5 XS network player provided the motivation for a new power supply that would serve both as a significant optional upgrade to that product, but also have applications throughout the Naim range. That power supply is the XP5 XS. The XP5 XS is a very high performance multi-rail power supply that borrows significantly from the Classic Series XPS. In addition to its application to the ND5 XS, the XP5 XS is able to power the CDS, CDX and CDX2 CD players, the HDX hard disk player, the NDX network player and the DAC digital to analogue converter. With such a wide range of compatibility, the XP5 XS can cost-effectively unlock numerous performance upgrade paths throughout the Naim range.

The difference wrought by an enhanced power supply is immediate and indisputable, and partnered with any of its compatible source products the XP5 XS will undoubtedly bring yet more performance and music to your Naim system.

Power supply – the unsung hero.
Power supply may not sound particularly high-tech, but without an adequately powerful, completely stable and extremely low-noise supply of electrical power, sensitive audio electronic circuits are simply unable to perform optimally. Electrical noise introduced by a power supply is particularly damaging as, once it gets in, it is almost impossible to remove. And any damage inflicted by power supply noise at the beginning of an audio chain is simply amplified along with the music.

Custom designed (400VA) toroidal transformer
Multiple regulated outputs via the Burndy socket
Ceramic heat couplers for low capacitance
Naim slimline XS series, non-magnetic case


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432x70x301 mm
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